Certik(CTK) – Detailed Analysis and Price Prediction for 2021-2022

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in this article, we are going to review CertiK, Certik is one the useful project in the crypto market in 2021 which actually provide useful usecases and adds value to the cryptocurrency makret in 2021. If you are thinking to invest in this cryptocurrency, make sure to read the article carefully and Do your own research before investing.

What is CertiK And How Useful it is?

In Simple terms, CertiK provides a wide range of services and solutions for projects including cryptocurrencies, DeFi, NFT, and other related technologies. Certik is primarily concerned with concerns related to cybersecurity. In addition to providing real-time guardians of on-chain transactions, the Security Oracle, which identifies and warns about a wide range of potentially harmful flaws before they exist, may provide security insights to blockchain projects across all protocols. Depending on the quality of the security score, audited blockchain projects of any protocol may be eligible for CertiKShield membership, which is a customizable, decentralised compensation mechanism for any crypto asset that is irreversibly lost or stolen due to security flaws. CertiKShield membership is available to blockchain projects of any protocol. CertiKShield memberships are available to any and all members of the communities of these eligible blockchain projects, providing a safety net for crypto asset holders in the case of an unanticipated incident or a hacker attack on their assets

In addition to serving as the primary digital utility fuel for the CertiK Chain network, CTK is also used as the primary utility for on-chain transactions such as CertiKShield systems & operating the Security Oracle, paying CertiK Chain’s gas bfees, and voting on network governance decisions.

CertiK Fundamentals Analysis

CertiK is quite an Old cryptocurrency project in the market and the Team and the developers of this project are well known people in the crypto space, and CertiK has been pretty successful at what they aim to, and its certain to say that this project has very good fundamentals, while this coin stands under top 400 cryptocurrencies in the market , it is safe to say that it might be just matter of time that this Cryoticurrency Goes under top 300 or maybe top 200 and top 100. this project offers various useful services and solutions. so we give a 5 out of 5 stars rating based on our analysis.

From Fundamentals perspective, and based on our research we can say that it is a solid and a project that delivers what they first aimed for and if you are looking to invest in Certik, this crypto is also listed on Binance exchange, as binance exchange lists only those cryptocurrency and projects which has great team, founders and developers and other factors too. It is a safe to invest in Certik based on fundamentals.

CertiK Price & Technical Analysis

CertiK price action and technical analysis looks very bullish overall, the certik is currently trading at $2.09 USD, 24h trading volume is Around $13,000,000 USD, CertiK is Currently uo 5.68% in last 24Hours. CTk currently ranks at #382 position With a Market cap of $120 million with a Circulating supply of 56,989,534 CTK.

CTK Support (1D Chart)

see the chart above, the price action currently follow strong trendline support, the support is unlikely to test before the price start going up, as we have heavy support at Moving averages too, the yellow moving average is 200D , 200D moving is supposed to be very strong support, very less likely to break if the project keep making progress and grow. anyways, the support is currently at 1.8$ according to 1 day chart

CTK Resistances (1D Chart)

As per 1 Day Chart, the current resistance is at $2.56 USD, as per the analysis if CTK break $2.56 USD, CTK can reach $3.00 easily and also breaking $4.00 USD mark would lead to CTK price around $5.00 – $8.00 Usd easily.

Moving Average – Bullish

While support and resistance plays a major role in prediciting price of any stock or cryptocurrency, Moving Average is very important factor as well. and currently, moving average for CTK clearly shows bullish movement in price in upcoming months.

200D (very important) moving average currently working as a support, and indicates further bullish price movements.

21D (Short term) Moving average also working as a support and further indicates bullish price movements.

Where to buy Certik (CTK)

Certik is available on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges incuding binance, ZT, Huobi etc. if you would llike to BUy and invest In CertiK, We Recommend to use binance exchange to buy CErtik as binance is one of the best cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

Price Prediction For CertiK (CTK) In 2021

As per the fundamentals and technical analysis, Certik provides various usecases for crypto industry and based on our research we expect CertiK to Cross Previous All time high of Around $4.09 USD and reach 5$- $8 Price by the end of 2021.

Should I Invest in CertiK (CTK) in 2021?

As certik being the top 382th cryptocurrency in the market and based on our research, we found out that the fundamentals of certik are very good and technical analysis also indicates bullish price movement, we suggest and recommend to do your own research before investing in certik.

Price prediction for certik (CTK) in 2022?

Overall, the Certik price movement and technical analysis appear to be quite positive; the certik is presently trading at $2.09 USD. and we expect it to crosee and trade around $8.00 – $10.00 By the end of 2022.

Disclaimer : Cryptocurrency markets are very high risk and reward assets. The analysis and information mentioned above is meant for educational purposes only, We are not financial advisor and do not provide Financial advice. viewer are advised to do their own research before investing.

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