(HUNT) Detailed Review & Analysis – Can it Reach 10$ in 2022?

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In This Article we are going to analyse a DeFi Cryptocurrency project called (HUNT). There are a lot of cryptocurrencies in the crypto market, its better to be skeptical before investing in any crypto whether its a Top 10 or top 100 cryptocurrencies

The whole crypto market has been seeing huge growth in the past year alone with bitcoin crossing $69,000 just recently with a lot of altcoins pumping to their all time highs.

Well, We are going to present in this artile about our research and analysis about (HUNT) as just a few days ago we reviewed DODO crypto project based. Qe are going to Look at the Fundamental Analysis,  Team, Coin Dynamics, and the overall project.

So, Let’s Begin with the Review and analysis

What is (HUNT) Cryptocurrency  and How Does it Work?

The HUNT Network is a collection of decentralized applications (DApps) developed for digital nomads all over the world. Using the gamified blockchain and cryptocurrency mechanism, (HUNT) intend to create a DApp world that will empower those who are migrating from a traditional job to a digital nomadic lifestyle after retirement.

greater employment options (in order to address their non-survival requirements) and other initiatives (to meet their non-survival needs) Community conflict (including interpersonal and political conflict).

As we’ve seen, upcoming shifts in human habits will force individuals to return to the natural world.

The Internet, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency have all facilitated a restless way of life. People will go out of their way to find it.

To achieve their objectives, the DApps on the HUNT Network are leveraging the power of gamification on the Ethereum blockchain.

their internet influence on others in order to waste their spare time Communities are adjusting their financial capacity in the midst of the storm. (HUNT) Use-Cases

Well, as Described Above, (HUNT) has Buch of Dapps and working on expanding their Dapps. Some of these dapps which are currently on (HUNT) with their Use-Cases :

  • Steemhunt is a self-sustaining Dapp on (HUNT) ad-free tech community that will act as a new market for emerging tech products. Hunters can earn bitcoin by engaging in daily competitions and debating the newest discoveries. So far, 106,622 products have been discovered, with an average prize of $2.11 granted each hunt report.
  • Nomadtask, CrowdSourced Marketplace has a public launch on February 1st, 2020. 95,000+ new people have joined as of September 14, 2020, and 5,500+ tasks have been created. More than 3,000 social channels were registered by 2,627 hunters who participated in the beta test.
  • LOL Hunt is a video curation community that publishes a daily top ranking for Youtube clips. Anyone may easily share and upvote films, and user information is securely saved on the Blockstack blockchain. It also intends toprovide a media channel where users’ upvoting and posting are not accumulated or used.
  • is a decentralized and gamified asset enhancement. Value investing can be used as a guidance for making investments. A smart contract on allows users to create a locked-up asset and then distribute the revenue to the asset’s owner. (HUNT) Fundamentals Analysis – Founders, Team, Roadmap. (HUNT) was founded by DongHyeok Kim (Co-founder, development) with a experience of more than 12 years as a full-stack Developer and with more than 7 years as start up founder. DongHyeok Kim is also a co-founder Of Notivo. 

YoungHwi Cho is Also a co-founder of (HUNT) cryptocurrency. YoungHwi Cho has vast experience of more than 9 year as a product developer with more than 5 years as a startup founder.

SungWoo Park is a development head at (HUNT), He is well experienced with more than 5 years of full stack Developer with more than 3 years as a startup founder. SungWoo Park is also co-founder at SketchWare. (HUNT) Upcoming Roadmap Events.

As the HUNT Network expands and new DApps are introduced, (HUNT) defi will make every effort to allocate a portion of the revenue or cash flow generated by each DApp to a quarterly token burning fund, in order to ensure that the addition of additional DApps to the network will result in an increase in the value of the HUNT token. (HUNT) Token Metrics.

With a 24-hour trading volume of $21,62,82,821 USD, at the writing of this article, the current HUNT price is $1.28 USD. HUNT has gained 4.45% in the previous 24 hours. With a live market cap of $14,07,11,198 USD, the current CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko ranking is #404.

There are 11,03,57,399 HUNT coins in circulation, with a maximum supply of 21,01,29,104 HUNT coins.

Final Review and Summary

Based on our Research and Analysis, we Would Rate this project as a Great Cryptocurrency Defi Project with an immense growth potential. (HUNT) has been growing very rapidly in past couple of months and its expected to grow at even higher rate, Founders and team behind (HUNT) are well known Names in the Crypto Space. And with upcoming expansion and events mentioned in Roadmap Can help (HUNT) easing reaching 10$ Target in upcoming years.

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