Luxxfolio to implement immersion cooling at crypto mining facility in New Mexico

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  • If you compare immersion cooling to typical air-cooling systems, you will find that it is a more effective method of increasing miner performance.
  • Liquid dielectric coolants are used to maintain the temperature of hardware components, such as those used in mining equipment.
  • Individual miners will be more accurately controlled, and the equipment will last longer as a result of immersion cooling, according to the manufacturers.
  • The ASIC miners will be able to operate at higher rates 365 days a year in a more stable environment with a more consistent ambient temperature because of the new environment.

This week, LUXXFOLIO, a vertically-integrated digital asset corporation, revealed intentions to construct an immersion-cooling system (also known as a “Immersion System”) at its crypto mining facility in the state of New Mexico.

When one of the largest immersion technology businesses in North America approached LUXX Mining Division about purchasing the Immersion System, they said yes. About 1,150 miners will be installed using the Immersion System, which is scheduled to be completed by 2022.According to industry estimations, a 25 percent boost in hash rate is expected, with some estimates predicting a performance gain of up to 50 percent in some cases.

According to Ken MacLean, President of LUXX Mining Division, “We’ve been researching the immersion market for more than two years and believe the Immersion System we’ve selected is the best solution available in this sector.” When it comes to LUXXFOLIO’s industrial-scale cryptocurrency mining facility, which is mostly powered by renewable energy sources and is located in New Mexico, immersion cooling is an excellent fit, according to Maclean.

In order to support its crypto-mining activities, LUXXFOLIO has entered into an exclusive agreement with the Navajo Tribal Utility Authority, which provides access to electricity in the lowest decile of international power rates for the company. The addition of the Immersion System to LUXXFOLIO’s site expansion will allow the New Mexico factory to become one of the world’s most efficient and low-cost cryptocurrency mining operations, according to the company.