The David Salle NFT Project announced the launch of a new digital arts agency.

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 DMINTI, a new digital arts company, joined the crowded NFT business in late 2021, it saw an opportunity to do things differently than the competition.

Founder and former chair of the Guggenheim Museum’s board of trustees Jennifer Stockman stated, “We wanted to develop something that would give artists a tremendous opportunity to break into this sphere.” “However, it is not just through concentrating on the artist that this work will be produced and shown, but also by bringing in museums, institutions, and collectors.”

With the help of David Salle, a painter, DMINTI intends to aid artists who work in more traditional mediums (such as painting and sculpture) in making the shift to digital. On Sunday, his new NFT work A Well-Leafed Tree (2021) made its premiere at the agency, having previously been minted on the NFT platform SuperRare.


Salle’s paintings, which were inspired by Peter Arno’s 1930s and 1940s New Yorker cartoons, were the basis for this animation. A Well-Leafed Tree is a children’s animation based on Salle’s paintings. It is possible that the animation will be a huge hit on the NFT market, despite the fact that the animation does not exactly capture the creative style that Salle incorporates into his work.

Salle, for example, has always desired to work in the animation industry. How about putting that into action and converting it into an NFT? ‘The ability to make objects move is a bonus–paintings, on the other hand, do not move,” Salle explains in a promotional video.


Among the artists with whom DMINTI wishes to cooperate are Sarah Meyohas, Oscar Murillo, and Sarah Morris, while former Guggenheim chief curator Nancy Spector has been brought on board to assist DMINTI in expanding its pool of artists. According to Stockman, “we’re reaching out to many wonderful top artists owing to her understanding of artists and my own skills as a collector,” in addition to the efforts of our separate teams.

It is via DMINTI that the concept of tailoring NFTs to an artist’s current work is brought to fruition, allowing gamers to tap into an emerging industry. In the words of Carola Jain, the CEO and another cofounder of DMINTI, “we meet with them, we look at their body of work, consult with experts, and seek to find where the opportunity for an NFT or a distinct Web3 experience sits, and then we support the artists in creating that work.”


DMINTI’s strategy plan, like the strategies of other emerging NFT businesses, is peppered with buzzwords like as accessibility and democracy. According to Jain, “this entire transition into a different art world is fundamentally about democratizing art and making it accessible to a much larger number of individuals all over the world.”