Axion Successfuly Completed Migration To Polygon.

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  • Axion is the first exchange to allow users to convert their incentives into non-fungible tokens (NFT).
  • The fundamental Axion product offers an 8% fixed APR with a maximum of 47%. The Axion Accelerator powers the ecosystem, allowing consumers to buy and stake in one transaction.
  • Users can win up to ten times their initial investment.

After being launched as a staking token in late 2020, Axion has progressed to the point where it is now considered to be an entire staking ecosystem.

It has made tremendous strides in its mission to provide income investors with a new option in the form of a high-yield crypto CD, according to Axion Capital.

Investors are also welcome to participate in Axion Launch, the project’s token launchpad. Axion stakeholders who have been involved with the project for a year or longer are eligible to participate., is also launching, the next-generation NFT marketplace that is debuting on Polygon this month.

The stakes in Polygon have all been upgraded to Axion V3 by the game’s developers. As a result, transactions on the Polygon network are now priced in pennies or less – often in the hundreds of thousands of cents per transaction – making it possible to implement a slew of new features such as stake naming, stake splitting, and the upcoming Galaxy Stake NFTs.

For long-term investments, the core Axion product offers an 8 percent fixed annual percentage rate (APR) with an interest rate of up to 47 percent.

It is Axion’s daily liquid Bitcoin distributions, however, that truly distinguish it as a standout investment vehicle in the cryptocurrency industry.

It is possible to spend or allow the value of your Bitcoin rewards to grow at any time, making it a suitable approach to dollar-cost-average into Bitcoin without depleting your wealth.

About Axion

Cryptocurrency staking : Axion is the first exchange to allow users to convert their holdings into non-fungible tokens (NFT). Using their stake data, a user can create a new NFT called Galaxy Stakes, which contains a unique, procedural galaxy that is generated in real time based on the user’s own stake data.

The Axion Accelerator is the engine that drives the ecosystem, allowing consumers to buy and stake in a single purchase. In addition, anyone who acquires AXN through the Accelerator will now receive an additional Particles NFT as a thank you. Axion Collider can be used to increase your chances of winning by up to 10 times your initial bet, while also receiving bitcoin divs for your efforts.

During the next months, users will be able to sell their Galaxy Stakes on the Axion Stake Marketplace, with the purchaser inheriting the value of AXN tokens as well as interest and any future bitcoin dividends.

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