Castle Venture Announced a $250 million Fund for Crypto Entrepreneur.

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The formation of Castle Island Ventures III, a $250 million entrepreneurial fund, was officially announced today.. The new fund will assist in achieving our goal of working with visionary entrepreneurs who are developing transformative enterprises based on public blockchains through collaboration and investment.

Castle Island Ventures reveals that public blockchains will usher in a fundamental transformation in how we interact with money, financial services, and the internet as a whole in the future.

This new fund will allow to highlight three main subjects that have piqued our interest in the past and continue to do so:

Financial Services: We envision a financial system that is more programmable and transparent, and that is less politicized, discriminatory, and intermediated in nature.

The inability and unwillingness of legacy financial services businesses to adapt and develop in the face of this shift will be contrasted to the disruption that occurred in the newspaper industry when the internet became more widely utilized.

These products and services are no longer merely theoretical — they are currently in production and have an impact on institutional and consumer behavior, as well as market structure and structure of competition.

We are in the early phases of a monetary transition from a rules-based monetary order to a market-based monetary order.

In addition to non-sovereign monetary networks such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, the rapid growth of stablecoins, which give everyday savers around the world with the ability to choose their own currency for the first time — and in many cases, for the first time ever — exemplifies this transformation.

These new monetary networks have an enormous potential market, which is exceeded only by the scope of entrepreneurial ambitions that are driving the companies and projects that are a part of it.

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