Cardano CEO Charles Hoskinson Offers Elon Musk To build Decentralized Social Media

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Cardano CEO Wants to Build a Decentralized Social Media with Elon Musk, tweeted :

While, Experts Predicts that Elon Musk Offer will be rejected by Twitter Board and Will Elon Musk Build a Decentralized Social Media with Charles Hoskinson is yet to be seen.

Elon Musk yesterday offered to buy twiiter at 54.20$ per share and the whole twitter community was surprised by the offer.

While, twitter board will meet soon to discuss the offer and whether reject the offer or Accept it.

Rumors are that Twitter will not accept Elon musk offer to buy twitter for 54.20$ per share due to several major factors.

Elon wants to go all In To Twitter or Dump His Shares.

Some twitter users suggests that Elon Offer to buy $54.20 per share will be rejected by twitter and Elon Musk Will use that Reasoning to Dump his 9.2% of Twitter Shares.