Hyundai Motors To Launch 30 Limited Edition NFT’s

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Hyundai Motor Company announced today that it will partner with the ‘Meta Kongz’ NFT brand in order to enter the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) industry, which is based on online communities.

The Hyundai NFT Discord and Twitter channels went live on April 15, and the official NFT website is slated to be live in May, according to the company.

A dedicated website, Discord and Twitter channels are all part of Hyundai Motor’s NFT community, which was launched in conjunction with the company’s entry into the NFT industry.

The NFT universe, which reflects the ‘Metamobility’ concept that was unveiled at CES 2022, is described as follows: As part of the presentation of a short film detailing Hyundai Motor’s collaboration with the NFT brand “Meta Kongz,” Hyundai Motor will make 30 limited edition NFTs available.

Hyundai plans to manage the asset value of its NFTs by providing dedicated channels for the Hyundai NFT community to communicate with one another.

At the conclusion of the film, an NFT in the shape of a shooting star is teased, with the release date for the product being May.Hyundai Motor will release 30 limited edition ‘Hyundai x Meta Kongz’ NFTs on April 20th to commemorate the film’s release on the big screen.