Is Adadao Token(ADAO) a Scam? – Detailed Analysis & Review in 2022.

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In this article, we are going to do our analysis & review on Adadao Token(ADAO). This is what Will be Covered in this Article :

  • What’s Adadao Token(ADAO)
  • What Makes Adadao Token(ADAO) Unique?
  • Adadao Token(ADAO)Founders , Team and Roadmap
  • Adadao Token(ADAO) Roadmap & Future Price Growth Potential for 2022 and beyond.
  • Adadao Token(ADAO) Tokenomics
  • Adadao Token(ADAO) – Final Conclusion.

Unfortunately, Crypto Market has tons of Scam Coins to Scam Investors and traders. While, It’s Super Important to research and analyse any Cryptocurrency before you invest in it.

This Analysis and Review of Adadao Token(ADAO) is completely based on Fundamentals as mentioned above. Make sure to share & read the whole article to understand our analysis of Adadao Token(ADAO)

So, Let’s Begin

What’s Adadao Token(ADAO) All About?

To create completely collateralized stable currencies ADADAO is a Cardano DeFi protocol that utilizes Native Cardano Assets as the main source of collateral.

The governance of ADA tokens can determine whether or not to issue more assets as and when necessary.

Adadao Token(ADAO) platform Features Overview

Decentralized Protocol

A protocol that is built on Smart Contracts and is totally trustworthy.

Borrowing Money Without Paying Interest

This is the first stablecoin initiative to be based on interest-free borrowing, according to the developers.

This project was made possible by the use of Cardano.

In the case of Cardano, Adadao Token(ADAO) offering a stablecoin that’s free of volatility, portable, and simple to use.

Asset-Backed in a Verifiable and Reliable Manner
Every AUSD is backed by onchain collateral.


Adadao Token(ADAO) is a solid project based on cardano, the fundamentals looks sloid for Adadao Token(ADAO) ans has great potential for growth in 2022 and beyond.

Adadao Token(ADAO) Founders , Team and Roadmap

Obaid Ul Ahmed is the CEO of Adadao Token(ADAO) other team members includes

Murshid Alam
Ex TCS, Ex IBM , Blockchain developer

Irfan Khan
Head of Marketing-Cardence

Rizwan Khan
Haskell Developer

Adadao Token(ADAO) Roadmap & Future Price Growth Potential for 2022 and beyond.

Adadao Token(ADAO) has potential upcoming upgrades and developments in 2022 and upcoming years as well. Have a look at the image below for More detailed Roadmap.

While, we believe that Adadao Token(ADAO) is highly undervalued and the price potential in upcoming years is huge and upcoming years looks great for Adadao Token(ADAO).


Adadao Token(ADAO) has been backed by Many Crypto Giants and honestly, the future looks great adadao token because of strong fundamentals. while small corrections are expected in short term but no major correction is expected in the long term perspective leaving adadao bullish for upcoming years.


The current Adadao Token(ADAO)) price is USD0.053924 USD, based on a 24-hour trading volume of $23,84,476 USD.

Adadao Token(ADAO) market capitalization has dropped by 3.82 in the last 24 hours.

The total number of Adadao Token(ADAO) coins in circulation is 50,00,00,000 Adadao Token(ADAO)), while the total number of coins in circulation is 50,00,00,000.


Adadao Token(ADAO) has everything which lead to a successful cryptocurrency in the market. With upcoming advancements and upgrades, Adadao Token(ADAO) has potential to grow exponentially in upcoming months and years.


Is Adadao Token(ADAO) a Scam or not?

Absolutely not, Adadao Token(ADAO) is a legitimate cryptocurrency and has been backed by many big investors and media coverage is also great.

Where to Buy Adadao Token(ADAO)?

Adadao Token(ADAO) is available on Top Exchanges like – Ftx, Bittrex, bybit

Is Adadao Token(ADAO) a Good Investment for 2022?

Based on our analysis Adadao Token(ADAO) is expected to perform bad in 2022 and upcoming years as well.

Adadao Token(ADAO) Price Prediction for 2022?

Based on Fundamentals, Adadao Token(ADAO) price is expected to hit 0.15$ in 2022

Adadao Token(ADAO) Price Prediction for 2023?

Based on Fundamentals analysis, Adadao Token(ADAO) Token is Expected to hit 0.24$ in 2023.

Adadao Token(ADAO) Price Prediction for 2024?

Based on Fundamentals analysis, Adadao Token(ADAO) is Expected to hit 0.39$ in 2024.

Adadao Token(ADAO) Price Prediction for 2025?

Based on Fundamentals analysis, Adadao Token(ADAO) is Expected to hit 0.55$ in 2025.

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