Radicle(RAD) Coin Detailed Analysis & Review – Is Radicle Coin Hit 10$ in 2022.

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Today we are going to review and analyse Radicle(RAD) Coin in details, the whole crypto market is growing rapidly with bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies making new all time highs this montb,

As there are thousands of cryptocurrencies in the crypto market and a lot of crypto coins in the market are going to fail in the long term perspective.

Thats why its important to research and analyse coins before investing into it. Today we will look at Radicle(RAD) project fundamentals, team, roadmap and much more and analyse whether Radicle(RAD) Coin is a good investment or not.

So, Let’s Begin

What’s Radicle(RAD) Coin is All About?

Radicle (RAD) is an open-source protocol that enables developers to collaborate in a decentralized and peer-to-peer manner on a variety of projects. DApps are written and constructed on it by developers working together in a similar way to centralized code collaboration platforms such as GitHub and GitLab. This is accomplished through the usage of Radicle Link, a peer-to-peer replication mechanism.

What makes Radicle(RAD) Platform Unique?

  • Individuals host their own content as well as content they find interesting, and Radicle refers to this type of pick-and-mix collaboration as “bazaar-style” collaboration, according to the company.
  • Radicle Link’s peer-to-peer networking layer maintains the efficiency of Git while also offering worldwide decentralized data repository storage.
  • User data can be distributed by “gossiping,” which involves retaining duplicate copies on their PCs and exchanging local data with the network in order to spread the word.
  • Users can also become sponsors and managers of software projects that have been developed by others.


The Fundamentals of Radicle(RAD) looks impressive, Being a DeFi Project and an open source project, Based on Our research, the fundamentals are solid.

Radicle(RAD) Coin Founders , Team and Roadmap

Radicle was developed by Monadic, a Berlin-based software company that specializes on open-source software collaboration. Alexis Sellier and Eleftherios Diakomichalis are the driving forces behind Nomadic.

Monadic underlines that Radicle is an open-source project that anyone can use, edit, and contribute to, and that the company does not own the project in any way. The development of Radicle began in 2018, following the creation of Monadic in 2017.
Funds such as Placeholder, Electric Capital, ParaFi Capital, and others contributed to a $12 million seed financing round headed by NFX and Galaxy in 2021, with participation from funds such as NFX and Galaxy and others.

Radicle(RAD) Coin Roadmap & Future Price Growth Potential for 2022 and beyond.

Radicle(RAD) does have a strong team with expertise in their specific fields and Radicle(RAD) has been backed by Many Crypto Giants which represent institutions interest in Radicle(RAD).

Radicle(RAD) does have upgrades and developments lined up in 2022 and 2023 which can be read here in details. While Radicle(RAD) Team does share latest developments on their twitter and other social media as well.


Well, Radicle(RAD) Coin has great potential for growth in upcoming months and years, and the price of Radicle(RAD) is currently sitting at major support and the fundamentals are solid. Future of Radicle(RAD) is indeed looks good for 2022 and Beyond.


The current Radicle(RAD) Coin price is $5.67 USD, based on a 24-hour trading volume of $1,63,39,184 USD.

Radicle(RAD) Coin market capitalization has dropped by 6.63 percent in the last 24 hours.

The total number of Radicle(RAD) coins in circulation is 3,04,18,673 RAD, while the total number of coins in circulation is 9,99,99,620 RAD.


Well, Radicle(RAD) is a great cryptocurrency with strong fundamentals,backed by Many Crypto Giants with Great Team on Board. Being a DeFi Project, which is the core of Radicle(RAD). We do expect Radicle(RAD) to do well in upcoming months and years in 2022 and beyond.


Where to Buy Radicle(RAD) Coin?

Radicle(RAD) Coin is available on Top Exchanges like – Binance, Ftx, Bittrex, bybit

Is Radicle(RAD) Coin a Good Investment for 2022?

Based on our analysis Radicle(RAD) Coin is expected to perform Great in 2022 and upcoming years as well.

Radicle(RAD) Coin Price Prediction for 2022?

Based on Fundamentals, Radicle(RAD) Coin price is expected to hit 11$ in 2022

Radicle(RAD) Coin Price Prediction for 2023?

Based on Fundamentals analysis, Radicle(RAD) Coin is Expected to hit 18-20$ in 2023.

Radicle(RAD) Coin Price Prediction for 2024?

Based on Fundamentals analysis, Radicle(RAD) Coin is Expected to hit 27$ in 2024.

Radicle(RAD) Coin Price Prediction for 2025?

Based on Fundamentals analysis, Radicle(RAD) Coin is Expected to hit 41$ in 2025.

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