Michael Saylor Clear out Rumors On Margin Call

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MicroStrategy is one of the biggest bitcoin Hodler, from the past couple weeks, there are so many people wondering about MicroStrategy Bitcoin position that at what point MicroStrategy will be margin called and might be forced to sell if Bitcoin plunges.

According to the Reports, if bitcoin trades below 22,000$ – 21,000$. MicroStrategy will be forced to sell their Bitcoin while Michael saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy tweeted while clearing the rumors –

MicroStrategy has a $205M term loan and needs to maintain $410M as collateral. $MSTR has 115,109 BTC that it can pledge. If the price of #BTC falls below $3,562 the company could post some other collateral. See slides 11-12 in Q1 2022 presentation. #HODL”