After Tesla, Coinbase Suspended All New Job Hirings

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An official statement from Coinbase said that the company has stopped recruiting and even canceled accepted employment offers, putting potential workers in confusion.

Coinbase’s claim to be the “most trustworthy” may no longer be taken seriously by job seekers who used it to check the veracity of postings. At this time, the possibility of a revolution being sparked by this relationship is simply hypothetical.

A large number of people who were interested in working with Coinbase had already given their notice at their former jobs, leaving them without a place to go, at the very least,

The statement was made on Thursday and published on the Coinbase blog. According to the article, LJ Brock, the company’s Chief People Officer, wrote.

Just Few Days Ago, elon Musk Confirmed that Tesla will cut 10% of their Employees as Elon Musk Believe A recession is Around the Corner. While Coinbase Suspended Hiring, Binance Continues to Open New Hiring Positions as Tweeted By CEO Of Binance

Many Twitter users have expressed their displeasure with the company’s decision to cancel the deal. Because “rescinding offers is so devastating to people’s lives and jobs,” one Twitter user called the move a “scumbag move.”

In a Nutshell : “Because of current market conditions and ongoing business prioritization efforts, we have decided to extend our hiring freeze for both new positions and backfill positions for the foreseeable future. Several accepted employment offers will be rescinded as a result of these changes.”

Although it’s not an easy decision to make, Brock says it’s crucial to ensure that we’re only developing in the areas that are most important to us.