Loco unveils India’s first esports NFT Platform

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Loco Legends is the first non-fungible token esports platform. Loco said its platform will let users own and exchange esports collectibles, amplifying their devotion and placing them in the shoes of scouts.

Loco claims it will democratize gaming. Loco claimed Legends would decentralize game development by promoting the nation’s game-fi environment.
Companies throughout the world are utilizing NFTs to build communities and monetize connections between esports teams and their supporters.

Loco Legends NFT esports cards.

Loco combines fantasy esports with NFTs. Loco is providing a new fan experience where fans can get close to their heroes, make real-world friends, and enhance their watching experience by collecting, owning, and trading digital goods. Users may purchase NFT trading cards to trade, buy, and compete in free fantasy tournaments.

We’re excited about Web3’s potential to empower artists and create new fan experiences,” said founders Anirudh Pandita and Ashwin Suresh.

They continued – “Our community has embraced the gaming industry’s early adoption of new technology. We’re passionate about providing a straightforward experience so users can use web3 without the hassles of alternative solutions. We’re delighted about the user experiences our cooperation will allow. Our team believes there is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a new gaming paradigm with this product.”