Huobi Partners with Settlepay to launch fiat-to-crypto Gateway for ukranians.

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It was reported today that Huobi Global, the world’s largest digital asset exchange, has created a new fiat-to-crypto gateway. The gateway provides regional consumers with a flexible and seamless approach to purchase cryptocurrency assets using the UAH balances in their Huobi accounts.

In order to make this possible, a cooperation with Settlepay, a British company that provides businesses with an online currency exchange service, has been established. Users will be able to purchase digital assets in real time with Hryvnia (UAH) deposits made with their bank cards.

When Huobi Global’s Quick Buy/Sell service is live, Ukrainian consumers will be able to purchase digital assets directly using UAH through the service. For users to begin depositing UAH and obtaining assets, they should take the following steps:

Log into Huobi Global and select Balances > Exchange Account from the drop-down menu.

After searching for “UAH” under Fiat, select “Deposit” from the drop-down menu.
Select a bank card and enter the required amount into the card’s entry field.
Quick Buy service site: Select [UAH Balance] from the drop-down menu.
They use UAH to complete their cryptocurrency acquisition.

“Our team has seen a steady increase in new consumers joining up for Huobi Global in Ukraine as cryptocurrencies have gained more general exposure over the past year. This new fiat-to-crypto gateway, we anticipate, will allow us to give local users with an easy option to purchase their crypto assets quickly and easily. Ultimately, this will assist us in our objective of making crypto asset trading an enjoyable and secure experience for all participants “Du Jun, a co-founder of the Huobi Group, noted.

The AdvCash wallet and P2P transactions, in addition to bank card deposits, are available to Ukrainian consumers for the purchase of digital assets. This new channel provides users with yet another means of gaining instant access to cryptocurrency holdings. For the time being, users who deposit UAH using a bank card or who purchase assets using UAH balances will not be charged any transaction fees for their actions.

“As we continue to extend our global footprint, we hope to provide additional compatible payment gateways to more countries and places for our users. This is in line with our mission of making finance more accessible and inclusive for all”

Mr. Du added

It just so happens that the launch of the new fiat-to-crypto gateway occurs at the same time as Huobi Global’s 8th Founding Anniversary festivities, and the company is working hard to enable its clients all over the world to participate in and benefit from its expanding ecosystem.