Delta Becomes World’s First App to Bring Overview Of Stocks and Crypto Together.

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Delta, a digital investing platform based in Belgium, announced today that it enhanced its smartphone app by including access to brokerage accounts. As a result, investors will no longer have to manually enter their transactions into the system, saving time. As a result, the application will now automatically sync them together.

The app consolidates all of your investments into an one location, which is critical to achieving this goal. In this approach, Delta eliminates the requirement for many applications or platforms to function properly.

Using real-time data, Delta is the first software in the world to offer users with an accurate picture of the returns on their equities, mutual funds, and cryptocurrencies. Currently, Delta has more than 3 million users in more than 115 countries, making it one of the fastest-growing apps on the market today.

Delta is the first software on the market to allow for the connecting of broker accounts, which further enhances the program’s already high level of user-friendliness.

Currently, more than 330,000 investors in the United States use the app on their smartphones to stay up to date on the latest events in their cryptocurrency holdings, investment portfolios, equities, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds.

5,000+ banks and brokers Connections

New transactions can now be automatically integrated into the user’s portfolio overview as a result of the new feature, which was introduced recently. Delta maintains an automatic relationship with over 5,000 banks and brokers in order to ensure that the most up-to-date information is always readily available. It is possible to respond quickly to new opportunities as a result of this synchronization.

“No longer is it necessary for anyone to manage several stock and cryptocurrency applications. Currently, Delta is the only company that can provide you with a comprehensive, real-time view of everything in your investment portfolios “

Nicolas Van Hoorde, the CEO of Delta, made the following statement.

Delta to soon add Art and Real Estate Along with Stocks and Crypto

“In the future, we intend to broaden the range of investments available to clients, including art and real estate, so that they can obtain a rapid breakdown of everything they’re investing in through the app. It is our goal to make their life easier by ensuring that they have immediate access to all financial information via their smartphone “

Nicolas Van Hoorde summarizes the situation.

Investors have traditionally relied on the Dow Jones Newswires and the Wall Street Journal’s editorial comments, which are both included into the investment tracker’s interface. Because of an unique algorithm, Delta shares the most recent updates for each portfolio on a daily basis, and clients receive pertinent news about predicted changes in their portfolios as soon as they are available.

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