Top Crypto Leaders Partners to Bring Direct Crypto Ownership to U.S Institutions.

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3iQ Digital Managed Account Platform, which is the leading digital asset manager in Canada, 3iQ Digital Assets (US) has launched a new digital asset separately managed account (SMA) and model portfolio solution (Q-MAP).

In order to gain cryptocurrency exposure, institutional investors, family offices, RIAs, and wealth management platforms can use the Q-MAP platform, which is scalable and “one-stop” in its design. It provides four different model portfolio alternatives as well as a fully customized investing option.

Gemini is fully integrated with BITRIA’s industry-leading digital turnkey asset management technology, which is also fully integrated with Gemini. With the expertise of 3iQ US, Gemini, and BITRIA, Q-MAP assists investors in gaining exposure to Bitcoin, Ether, and the broader universe of digital assets by allowing them to choose from a variety of model portfolios. Q-MAP is a collaboration between 3iQ US, Gemini, and BITRIA.

Q-MAP is powered by Gemini, a crypto-native exchange and institutional-grade custodian that is a leader in the industry.

Investors that make use of Q-MAP have access to the following resources:

  • Protect your direct digital asset exposure with a professionally managed framework that makes operations easier to manage.
  • Risk appetite and investment objectives are taken into consideration when developing customized solutions.
  • With daily liquidity and variable pricing, a holistic platform with daily liquidity and variable pricing makes tax loss harvesting and other portfolio modifications that are not readily available through private or exchange-traded funds.

3iQ Digital Asset Management, the parent company of 3iQ US, has more than USD $3.3 billion in assets under management (as of October 31, 2012) and was Canada’s first regulated digital asset manager in 2018. 3iQ Digital Asset Management is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

This year, 3iQ Digital Asset Management launched Bitcoin and Ether exchange-traded funds (ETFs) for Canadian investors, as well as the first exchange-listed digital asset-based fund in the Middle East, The Bitcoin Fund, which debuted on the Nasdaq Dubai market this month.

The Q-MAP SMA has tax optimization, liquidity, and governance benefits that make it a preferred vehicle for sophisticated investors seeking exposure to digital assets. And advisors can offer clients a choice of structures—depending on whether they prefer a model portfolio or a more customized option. 3iQ US is positioned to serve as both an investment platform and educational partner, driving momentum in the space as we redefine digital asset investment management.”

Chris Matta, President of 3iQ US, said

The company is continuing to develop and engage with industry professionals in order to extend its offerings as the cryptocurrency market matures and grows in popularity. A diversified multi-token crypto fund was launched in 2018 by 3iQ Digital Asset Management, and the first Bitcoin and Ethereum funds were launched in North America in 2020 by 3iQ Digital Asset Management.

“With our institutional-grade security protocols and proactive approach to regulation, Gemini serves as the engine of choice for financial institutions who want to invest in crypto at scale. As the best performing asset class over the past ten years, digital assets have truly arrived and institutional investors, advisors and their clients deserve a turnkey approach that allows them to incorporate crypto securely and compliantly.”

Kristen Mirabella, Director of Business Development, Gemini,said

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