FTX.US And Stratos Jet Charters Inc. Announced payment integration through FTX Pay

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  • American cryptocurrency exchange FTX US announced today a partnership with Stratos Jets Charters Inc. Only Americans can use FTX in Stratos.
  • FTX Pay allows you to accept payments in both crypto and fiat currencies. FTX.US worked effectively with Stratos Marketplace, administered by Stratos Jet Charters Inc.
  • With the increased demand for private aircraft, Stratos needed a safer and faster means to collect payments. They chose FTX Pay for its ease of use and integration into the air charter sector.

FTX US, a prominent US-regulated cryptocurrency exchange, announced today that it has formed a collaboration with Stratos Jets Charters Inc (“Stratos”), an Orlando-based private aircraft charter broker.

Stratos will be able to take payments in both crypto and fiat through the FTX Pay platform as a result of this partnership.

Customers for Stratos will be charged a 1.5 percent cost instead of the 4 percent fee associated with conventional credit card payments thanks to the integration of FTX Pay.

Only FTX US customers will be able to use FTX Pay through Stratos. Stratos will determine which coins/cryptos to accept as payment for its services as a result of the cooperation.

When compared to traditional credit card payments, FTX Pay is a service that allows businesses to take payments in both crypto and traditional currencies in a quick and effective manner.

Brett Harrison, President of FTX US, had the following to say about today’s news: “We created FTX Pay to give businesses a simple, safe, and low-cost solution to take payments in any currency, with the ultimate goal of changing the global payments landscape. Stratos prioritizes the client experience as a company, and we’re delighted to assist them in this process via our payment platform. Working with an industry leader to improve their client experience while also increasing the prominence of digital assets outside of the typical financial environment is an interesting opportunity.”

FTX.US was a great fit for Stratos Jet Charters Inc.’s online booking platform Stratos Marketplace, according to Joel Thomas, CEO of Stratos Jet Charters Inc.: FTX offers more capabilities than any other major US platform, and it sets the industry standard for security.

The FTX.US technology is powerful but user-friendly, and it works in tandem with our air charter marketplace.”

With the current unparalleled level of demand for private aviation, Stratos needed a more secure and efficient approach to secure client payments for charter flights,” Thomas continues. “We believed that accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment would significantly minimize our risk when compared to credit cards, and we chose FTX Pay for its sophisticated simplicity and ability to effortlessly incorporate it into our air charter marketplace. We’ve transacted about half a million dollars in revenue in the first week after integrating the FTX payment technology into Stratos Air Charter Marketplace.”

The Stratos marketplace can be accessed by desktop or mobile devices, allowing travelers to search for and purchase flights in real time.

Itineraries and passenger information can also be checked, as well as catering and ground services for upcoming flights.

Clients can now book and pay for their charter flights with only a few extra clicks thanks to the new FTX connection.

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