DeHorizon partners with Solv protocol to offer better NFT’s Incentives

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DeHorizon today announced a strategic partnership with Solv Protocol

DeHorizon, like a metaverse game ecosystem, is always focusing on new forms of technology (NFT). DeHorizon is confident that NFT will play a significant role in the future metaverse in which it will exist.

In addition, it is the first interoperable, editable, and evolvable DeMeta mission ever undertaken.

Solv Protocol is a DeFi protocol for minting, selling, and managing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that represent financial ownership, and

“What the Solv Protocol achieves broadens the scope of our NFT research and development efforts. We’re looking forward to collaborating with Solv Protocol to achieve additional NFT milestones and expand a much more dimensional metaverse “Shane, the company’s founder, made the following statement.

What precisely is the Solv Protocol, and how does it work?

Solv Protocol developed the ERC3525 token standard in order to facilitate the wider deployment of Financial NFTs. It is necessary to depict the lock-up allocation in a secure, transparent, and decentralized manner with the help of the first application, Vesting Voucher.

Solv Protocol has announced that company has completed its Series A financing round of investments. This round was led by a group of venture capital investors, including Blockchain Capital, Sfermion, and gumi Cryptos Capital, with the goal of assisting the team in scaling up, introducing new products based on their vouchers, and expanding their global resource network.

Background of DeHorizon

With the goal of becoming the next generation of metaverse gaming ecosystems, DeHorizon will allow users to create, socialize, and play blockchain-based games with their peers. Ultimately, DeHorizon wants to create a virtual carnival that is open to all metaverse residents across multiple chains, giving players the opportunity to live their own second life in virtual worlds.

DeHorizon X Solv Protocol Partnership Details

For Solv Protocol, the pioneer of financial NFTs, the total amount of the vouchers that have been issued is presently $52,468,000. Due to their innovation, which integrates NFT with financial aspects, the NFT area has seen a considerable increase in the rate of its expansion.

DeHorizon will offer Vouchers that are pre-loaded with our DAO token, $DEVT, on the Solv Marketplace. To learn how to create, manage, and trade Vouchers, please see this link : Create, Manage, and Trade Vouchers.

“This is yet another collaboration based on the usage of Vesting Vouchers for governance, and I am happy to see it take shape. As the leading protocol for GameFi + Metaverse, we are delighted to be collaborating with the DeHorizon team on an investigation into whether the Voucher has the potential to boost user involvement in GameFi DAO governance. I’m looking forward to seeing more decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) adopt this governance model and collaborating with DeHorizon on a larger scale!” Ryan, a co-founder of the Solv Protocol, shared his thoughts

In appreciation for their continuing support and assistance, DeHorizon has released the names of the first group of owners who will each get an NFT Voucher worth 1,000 DEVT as a thank you.

In partnership with Solv Protocol, DeHorizon believes that the DEVT token’s transparency and transferability for all stakeholders will be significantly improved.

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