Veriff Launches Metaverse Focused identity verification solution.

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  • Veriff will be the metaverse’s only identity verification supplier. Secure IDV enables businesses to fully utilize the virtual world. Veriff’s technology can detect and ban bots and sold accounts. IDV promotes user accountability, preventing online bullying.
  • Among the uses and benefits of Veriff’s metaverse identity verification system are: Veriff’s technology protects all users, especially minors.
  • On-demand, age-appropriate virtual experiences will keep criminals out of the user’s digital world. Y Combinator, Mosaic Ventures, Nordic Ninja, Accel, IVP, and other angel and venture capital companies have invested in Veriff.

Veriff, a global identity verification service, has announced today the availability of a new suite of identity verification solutions that are exclusive to the metaverse. Veriff will be the sole identity verification (IDV) solution provider with solutions that are easily accessible to prioritize the protection of users in this new digital environment as the digital world rapidly progresses toward this new virtual reality.

Veriff has raised a total of $92.8 million to far from investors such as Y Combinator, Mosaic Ventures, Nordic Ninja, Accel, IVP, and other angel and venture capital firms.

Veriff CEO

Within its teams in the United States, the United Kingdom, Estonia, and Spain, Veriff employs around 360 individuals from 42 different nationalities. For more information, please see Thank you for visiting Veriff.

Depending on current estimates, the metaverse market might be worth $783.3 billion by 2024, more than 2.7 times the value of only gaming software, services, and advertising revenues. Therefore, digital trust and transparency are essential for both business executives and the general public.

Through the use of artificial intelligence and a video-first strategy, Veriff is able to prevent more fraud than any other rival in the business. Secure IDV enables enterprises to fully use the possibilities of the virtual world while also developing confidence with their clients and customers. Bots and accounts that have been sold can be detected and blocked using Veriff’s technology, allowing metaverse users to be certain that they are interacting with real people in the digital world. Additionally, IDV aids in the prevention of online bullying by boosting user accountability

Through the use of an age-appropriate design code, Veriff’s technology assists in verifying the identities of metaverse users while also protecting underage users, particularly young children, from inappropriate or age-restricted information or from someone pretending to be someone else on the internet.

The following are some of the applications and benefits of Veriff’s metaverse identity verification solution:

  • Veriff can prevent account duplicates and only allow honest users within the metaverse to access services, regardless of whether the offender is a recurring offender or a campaign abuser in the first place.
  • In the virtual world, Veriff’s technology will protect users of all ages, particularly children. It will do this by enabling automatic, age-appropriate virtual experiences and preventing criminal actors from invading the user’s digital realm, while developers struggle to implement adequate age-gating solutions in the virtual world.
  • Users from all over the world may be onboarded in seconds with Veriff’s best-in-class user flow and document support of over 10,000 government IDs in 39 languages, allowing Metaverse creators to onboard millions of users in seconds from anywhere in the world on the first try.

According to Janer Gorohhov, co-founder and chief product officer of Veriff, “we are seeing more individuals enjoying the metaverse, particularly young people, and creating deeper digital trust at the commencement of the journey will be important to its overall success,” he said. “Veriff has already launched its first use cases with leading metaverse companies to ensure safety on their platforms, as more metaverse-based organizations attempt to self-regulate this new digital world. Veriff has already launched its first use cases with leading metaverse companies to ensure safety on their platforms. It is vital to invest in additional measures to make the space more visible and secure for all users, such as identification verification, which includes not just age verification, but also verification of parent and guardian status, in order to improve overall security and transparency.”

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