Giddy, a DeFi Staking Platform Raises $8 million seed funding.

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Giddy, a DeFi application that aims to increase the use of DeFi, has received an initial fundraising round of $8 million in seed capital.

One of the investors is Divvy founder and CEO Blake Murray, while others include Galileo CEO Derek White, Traeger CEO Jeremy Andrus, angel investor Scott Paul, Brand Whisperer Shaun Neff, and real estate magnate and owner of Skinwalker Ranch Brandon Fugal.

Among the other investors in the round are financier Eric Varvel, Canopy CEO Davis Bell, Scan founder Kirk Ouimet, Chamber Media founder Travis Chambers, Sepio Capital, Jeff Burningham of Peak Capital, Jacqueline Hutchings of Peer VC, FiberFix founder Eric Child, and KT Tape creator Reed Quinn.

According to Giddy CEO Eric Parker, “it’s difficult to overstate the caliber of our forward-thinking and inventive investor group.” “We’ve assembled a team of some of the best product and technology minds in the state, and we couldn’t be happier to have their assistance in guiding the direction of DeFi adoption.”

In order to introduce DeFi to the typical bitcoin user, regardless of technical skills or wallet size, their ground-breaking solution was developed. Giddy is preparing to deploy its platform, which will offer DeFi consumers the world’s first one-tap staking experience.

“As well as providing a simple and low-cost solution for private key management, our platform also facilitates speedy and low-cost fiat trade.

Faster transfer times, smart contract interactions that are more efficient, and access to comprehensive data and analytics are all advantages of the blockchain. Even though DeFi today is truly remarkable, and represents the fruition of the efforts of innovators and doers all over the world, the technology is out of reach for the vast majority of the population.” Parker explains further.

“We want everyone to be able to benefit from DeFi, which is why we’re entirely rethinking how individuals conduct DeFi,” said the team.

Giddy aspires to make the most advanced wealth-building strategies in cryptocurrency more accessible to the general public, as opposed to the current situation where high-net-worth individuals dominate the market. Giddy is turning that paradigm on its head by allowing users to completely control their cryptocurrency and put it to work while also simplifying an intimidating process that the majority of token holders are unfamiliar with or do not have the time to complete, all for a small service fee of only a few dollars.

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