Rakuten NFT Marketplace launched – Checkout upcoming NFT Launches

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It was revealed today by Rakuten Group, Inc. that the company will be launching Rakuten NFT, a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace and sales platform.

A program called Rakuten NFT provides a marketplace for users to purchase and sell NFTs in a range of categories, including sports and entertainment, such as music and anime.

A one-stop platform that enables intellectual property owners to construct their own website for the purpose of issuing and selling NFTs is also part of the package.

Users can earn and spend Rakuten Points by making purchases with their Rakuten ID and by logging in with their Rakuten ID.

If a buyer purchases NFTs, they can either add them to a collection on their own website, or they can post them on the marketplace and sell them there.

NFT material is expected to be issued and sold on a peer-to-peer basis by 2023 or later, allowing intellectual property (IP) holders in Japan and around the world to issue NFTs and supporting the creation of a worldwide NFT market. A range of additional payment options are also being considered, according to the plans.

It will be possible to purchase an NFT based on Ultraman anime computer-generated assets as well as an NFT of the horse racing-themed comic Kurogane Hiroshi G1 Gekitoshi (2010 Series), which features illustrations by renowned manga artist Hiroshi Kurogane.

Rakuten NFT will continue to develop innovative and engaging entertainment experiences, thereby enhancing the level of convenience and happiness available to the widest possible spectrum of people worldwide.

Upcoming NFT launches on Rakuten NFT Marketplace

The Rakuten NFT Art Gallery will make its debut with a collection of digital artwork, which will include pieces from Orihara, Ado’s image creator, as well as other artists. Sales at the Rakuten NFT Art Gallery are expected to commence as early as May 2022 or later.

Rare video footage from TV Asahi episodes, as well as well-known scenes from other series, will be included in the NFTs in the near future (TV Asahi Corporation)

NFT artworks created by contemporary painters (Art Powers Japan)

Under Beasty, a rock idol group, is represented by NFT trading cards (Daiki Sound Co., Ltd.)

NFTs with a melodic undercurrent (UP-FRONT GROUP Co., Ltd.)

NFTs feature characters from the anime Tiger & Bunny 2 as well as other characters (BANDAI NAMCO Pictures Inc.)
NFTs with a cultural component are referred to as cultural NFTs (BEAMS Co., Ltd.)

Player’s Anthem from the J.League NFT Collection, which is part of the official NFT collection of the Japan Professional Football League, is a licensed product of the league. (Source: NFT Rakuten)

Estab Life images were used in the creation of NFTs by Goro Taniguchi (SSF/ESTAB LIFE COMMITTEE).

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