Is it Game Over for Celsius Network?

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In this Article, we are going to Present Facts and Our Research On Celsius Network. What’s Wrong With Celsius? What are the possible outcomes? When Will withdrawals resume From Celsius Network?.

What’s wrong with Celsius Network?

As a consequence of falling prices, Celsius is now experiencing a liquidity problem, making it increasingly difficult to reconcile liabilities (deposits on Platform) with assets ( they hold on chain). Withdrawals came to a halt as a direct result of this.

In a nutshell – Celsius Manage Users Funds In return Users (Depositors) get Fixed Interest on their Assets. While, many Crypto Analysts Claims Celsius failed at Risk Management resulting in Losses.

What are the possible outcomes for Celsius Network?

In Celsius, customers have more than $10 billion in assets.

Celsius has around $1.5 billion is spread among various wallets.

Consequently, there is a huge disparity between the amount of money customers have and the amount of liquid assets Celsius have which is the Main Point.

Check out the Complete Networth of Celsius Wallet Here

Where is the Rest of Celsius Funds?

  • $400 million staked on the Ethereun Beacon Chain
  • $400 million on the maker Platform.
  • On Cex’s

Will Celsius Network Survive?

There are 2 Outcomes – If Celsius Network have the assets to match the liabilities but not Liquid assets. Celsius will require institutions to Offload.

If Celsius Network Doesn’t Have the Assets. Celsius Netwokr Will require Funding / Loan / acquisition. Nexo has proposed Acquisition of Celsius Network Today.

When Will Celsius Network Resume Withdrawals?

As Announced by Celsius Network, Celsius Network may require time until they Solve Liquidity Crisis and other issues shared above. Celsius Network Team have not disclosed Any confirmed date for Withdrawals Resumption As per writing of this Article.

There is also a chance Celsius Becomes Bankrupt.