Upbit Warns Investors Regarding Possible Risks Due to USDD and USDN Depeg

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Cryptonks Reported Yesterday About USDD Depeg While Crypto Market Tumbles as Bitcoin Dipping Below $21,000 levels. Tron Founder Justin Sun Assured to Fix the Depeg Yesterday which seems Getting slightly worse

Upbit, Korean Cryptocurrency Exchange Issue Notice Regarding the Depeg – When investing in WAVES and TRON (TRX), which are both based on reliable currencies like these, it is essential to exercise caution in order to avoid losing money.

Upbit will continue to keep a close check on these algorithmic stable coins or analogous digital assets; thus, members should be prepared for additional price volatility in the event that the depegging phenomena gets more severe in the future.

The whole crypto market has fallen. Surprisingly, Tron (TRX) has been unaffected Due to this Depeg as Justin Sun Puts $2.5 Billion to safeguard TRX.