Blockchain Firm, Oasis has announced a substantial $160 million ecosystem fund.

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  • The efforts of a number of significant partners have enabled a $160 million ecosystem fund
  • The Oasis Ecosystem Fund will help fund the next generation of Oasis apps.
  • On the Oasis platform, the funds will be used to support both new and existing projects.

‘Oasis just announced the creation of a $160 million Oasis Ecosystem Fund,’ the company says. In order to support creators and initiatives in developing the Oasis Network and Ecosystem, the Oasis Ecosystem Fund, which is funded by significant industry participants, has been established.

The $160 million investment has been made possible by the contributions of a number of key partners. Some of the Ecosystem Fund’s investors include the following individuals and organizations:
AME Cloud Ventures is a cloud computing business that focuses on the development of cloud-based applications.
Dragonfly Capital Partners is a private equity firm based in New York City that invests in emerging growth companies.

Draper Financial Group.

Dragon Electric Capital is a venture capital firm based in Hong Kong.

Jump Capital is a venture capital firm based in New York City,

Kenetic Capital is a venture capital firm based in New York City,

NGC Ventures is a New York-based corporation that specializes in venture capital.

The Oasis Foundation

Pantera Capital is a venture capital firm with its headquarters in New York.

Oasis is the leading privacy-enabled, scalable blockchain platform,” said Jerry Yang, co-founder of Yahoo and founding partner of AME Cloud Ventures. “Oasis is the leading privacy-enabled, scalable blockchain platform.” Oasis’ aim is one we believe in, and we are thrilled to be a part of the Ecosystem Fund and contribute to the progress of blockchain technology.”

The funding will be utilized to assist both new and established projects on the Oasis platform, according to the organization. In addition to relationships with companies such as Genetica and Nebula, as well as Binance’s Cryptosafe Alliance, BMW and others, Oasis has a well-established partner ecosystem. As of last year, more than 300 organizations had applied for the ongoing Oasis Grants Program, making it the world’s largest Layer-1 Blockchain University Program in terms of number of applications.

In addition to having over 110 validator nodes operating on the network, Oasis has a growing community of over 100,000 users, making it one of the most rapidly developing blockchain efforts.

With the present and upcoming launches of: Oasis is achieving key milestones in its development.
A successful network upgrade was performed by the use of an on-chain governance mechanism, which had over 85 percent participation.

Cipher ParaTime is a secure Smart Contract framework that allows for private DeFi and privacy-focused DApps to be built on top of the blockchain.

Package paratime makes it feasible to implement data tokenization and to practice responsible data economics.
Emerald is a product that is officially EVM compatible. ParaTime is a television show that discusses DeFi, NFT, and the Metaverse.

YuzuSwap was the first DEX to be established on the Oasis network.

Two lending processes are now in the process of being created.

‘We are delighted to collaborate with long-standing supporters of Oasis to develop, cultivate, and enrich the ecosystem,’ says Jernej Kos, Executive Director of the Oasis Foundation. With our developer readiness, we encourage any developers to pick Oasis since we are prepared to assist them with financing, technical competence and coaching, as well as access to a vast network of backers, among other things.”

Privacy features introduced into Oasis are meant to make it easier to create private Smart Contracts. Security and privacy are essential for DeFi to be successful in attracting additional stakeholders away from CeFi.
In the words of Tony Gu, founding partner of NGC Ventures, “Oasis has a tremendous team and a unique technological platform.” As early investors, we believe in the objective of Oasis and will contribute to the development of its ecosystem as a result. As a result, we have decided to become members of the Ecosystem Fund.”