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The overall debt owed by Three Arrows Capital is $183 million USDC and USDT, while the company’s collateral position on Aave V2 is 211,999.12aWETH, which has a value of $235 million. In the event that ETH falls below $1014, the collateral stake will be liquidated. It is currently making significant progress on repaying the debt.

The address pays back the loan with USDT/USDC and withdraws ETH. It then converts the ETH it received back into USDT/USDC and repays the loan with “sinofate.eth.” This process is repeated until the loan is paid off. In less than twenty-four hours, the address has sold around fifty thousand Ether

Su Zhu Said in Podcast That Bitcoin will Have super cycle and will rise sharply in price which has been regretted wrong as admitted by Su Zhu in May

Tron Plummeted 20% As USDD Depeg Further

USDD, algorithmic stablecoin has depegged to $0.957 which is supposed to be pegged at $1 at all times. As a result Tron Community panic selling Tron which took hard dip and is currently trading at $0.493, down over 20% over the last 24 hours.